The Society's periodicals collection of approximately 140 titles includes the journals of most Australian geographical, historical and royal societies.  A number of significant journals are part of the York Gate Library, purchased by the Society in 1905, for example; The Linnean Society from 1791, the Royal Geographical Society (London) from 1831 and the British and Foreign Bible Society from 1805.  Some early Australian titles are from the library of the Society's first Treasurer, Thomas Gill, which was purchased in 1923 (see below).  

The Society's periodicals are being progressively added to the Society's on-line catalogue  and also the national database, Libraries Australia.  Currently we are at titles beginning with "R".   Select this link, List of Periodicals, to view the full list of titles.

Select this link for the index to the Society's "The Proceedings" (from 1885) and its later title "South Australian Geographical Journal" (from 1985).

An index to the Society's newsletter (from 1994) can be found at GeoNews Index.

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