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Two Society members were recognised in the Australian Honours Awards 8th June last.
Don L Gobbett OAM - Medal of the General Division OAM, for community service through charitable organisations. Don also organised several Society events in the 1990s on the River Murray Settlements and sourced an 1850s student geography book for the Society, we have the only catalogued copy in the world to date! Valmai Hankel AM -Member of the General Division AM, for library and information services and writer for the wine industry. Valmai's recognition was for her support and unflagging input to those many groups with whom she associates so well, including the Society. Valmai has been involved with the library of the Society for over 35 years.
Charles George Alexander Winnecke (1855-1902)
by Bruce W Strong RGSSA 2014.  Soft cover 164pp includes appendix, photos, maps and index RRP $19.95, Members $15.95

This accurate work of the life and achievements of one of the well known Central Australia explorers was researched by Bruce Strong. Bruce has published this book at his own expense with all proceeds being applied to the Society’s aims.

The RGSSA Library has a wide range of books, many of which have been acquired as part of the York Gate Collection.  (see Library / Book Collections) While much of the collection is about Australiana and natural history, there are many rare books on other topics.  Featured here is John Gould’s beautiful hand coloured book "The Birds of Australia (Vol.5)".  The following link will take you to some other  pictures from the book.

                  Illustration from John Gould's  book on birds.

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The Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation for advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics. To this end, it provides an extensive library of antique, rare and current books, lectures on topical issues, awards to research and the study geographical subjects, and field activities.  For more information see the tab "The Society".

Coming Lecture- 20th August 2015

Railways of the Eyre Peninsula by Peter Knife

For more on the lecture program see here.

Videos and audio copies of past lectures will be found in the Members section.

Geography in the News

“A whole new world: Pluto, 4.5 billion years old, is behaving like a planetary pup” reports Kyle Peterson from Laurel, Maryland who goes on to say that Pluto is alive- and no-one knows why.       More on this article and others like it here...

The Rare Book Discussion Group holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Society's rooms.  The program is in "Activities" in the main menu or can be accessed here

The next discussion is on the  27th of August at 1030 and and is titled "D" size books.  From a time when big was important. Many exceptional volumes are as large as A2 or A0
metric paper sizes.  This event is free for
members of RGSSA. Others are welcome to
attend and tickets are available for $10 a person.  The RGSSA welcomes new members who wish to contribute to the Society's success.

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Kathy's Blogspot - This is the final entry in the series on the RGSSA’s early travel narratives about the European “discovery” of Asia. It looks at some of the early voyages to Japan, including accounts of two extraordinary lives: those of the Portuguese Fernão Mendes Pinto and the Englishman William Adams (the model for the hero of James Clavell’s Sho-gun.). The Jesuit missionary João Rodrigues, 1558-1633, who lived nearly all of his life in Japan and wrote an astoundingly detailed and sympathetic account of that country’s customs, also features. The works discussed were published before the shogun Takagawa closed Japan to Western influences in 1639. Particularly fascinating are the works about the Japanese “Boys’ Delegation to the West” of 1582-1586 (known under various versions of the name) which visited some of the great courts of Europe and had an audience with the Pope.  

Visit the website:- http://rgssamachupicchu.blogspot.com/