Flinders Ranges
Visitors will be able to view old maps, some wonderful versions of book-binding  and decoration for books of the 19th century. We have a display of some of our original and facsimile maps, featuring Africa, from as early as the 13th century with some informative background information to support these. Participants will learn a little about the geography, cultural groups and dangers encountered by the intrepid explorers and missionaries, mostly British as this reflects the strengths of our York Gate and Benham Collections. A discovery tour will be offered of the Top Gallery, rarely available to the public, where stories and pictures will enlighten students to African discoveries of the 19th century. Family and school groups welcome; lecture tours will also be offered. Bookings required for groups only.  For more information ...

Exhibition in the Society's Rooms.

Out of Africa : 19th Century Exploration and Adventure.  Time travel to an era of adventure and quests in the African continent. 

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The Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation for advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics. To this end, it provides an extensive library of antique, rare and current books, lectures on topical issues, awards to research and the study geographical subjects, and field activities.  For more information see the tab "The Society".

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The Discovery of Shale Oil and Gas, and Fracking
by Bob Nelson

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Geography in the News

“A vast” ocean” 400 miles down”.    A report from the New Scientist. It goes on to say a reservoir of water big enough to fill our oceans three times over has been found 400 miles below the earth’s crust. This water is not free flowing but is trapped in a blue mineral called ringwoodite.  

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The Rare Book Discussion Group holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Society's rooms.  The program is in "Activities" in the main menu or can be accessed here.  The next discussion is on the 21st August at 1030 and about Adelaide through the Lens. The photographic process was in vogue by the 1850s and we have many shots of early Adelaide and the country areas. People wishing to attend should book early and register through the button below.  A Gold coin donation from non-members.
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16th of October have been swapped.

      Edward William Lane's line drawing from his book.

Kathy's Blogspot - "An account of the manners and customs of the modern Egyptians: written in Egypt during the years 1833-1835".  The book has meticulously detailed descriptions of all aspects of the daily life, manners, habits, customs, and costumes of the largely Muslim Arab Egyptians of the time, documenting a way of life which according to the author's biographer was already vanishing by mid-century. The author's line drawings (sample attached) are also interesting. This and other blogs are based on 19th Century books held in the Society's collections.   Visit the website:- http://rgssamachupicchu.blogspot.com/

The RGSSA Library has a wide range of books, many of which have been acquired as part of the York Gate Collection.  (see Library / Book Collections) While much of the collection is about Australiana and natural history, there are many rare books on other topics.  Featured here is a book of "Egypt and Nubia" by  G Belzoni.  The following link will take you to some copies of the plates in the book. More.....
Cover of the book "Egypt and Nubia".
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