Flinders Ranges
Sir Hubert Wilkins -    Some interest has developed around  Sir Hubert Wilkins following the recent discovery of memorabilia in the USA.  An interest group has been created and anyone wishing to become involved should contact Dr Stephen Carthew on 0411 518 464 or email scarthew@gmail.com .

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Welcome to the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia.

The Society

The Royal Geographical Society of South Australia (RGSSA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation for advancing geographical science and promoting public awareness and enjoyment of Geography and related topics. To this end, it provides an extensive library of antique, rare and current books, lectures on topical issues, awards to research and the study geographical subjects, and field activities.  For more information see the tab "The Society".

Coming Events - 19 February 2015

Indigenous Peoples of China: social trends and demography by Melissa Nursey-Bray

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Videos and audio copies of past lectures will be found in the Members section.

Geography in the News

“Experts seed Pilbara restoration” Australia faces one of the world’s biggest challenges with the problem of restoring plant biodiversity. In the Pilbara mining region about 1200 square kilometres must by law be rehabilitated.    More on this article and others like it here...

The link below is about an application called PressDisplay which provides instant online access to today's newspapers from around the world in full-colour, full-page format with over 1000 titles to choose from.   Library PressDisplay

The Rare Book Discussion Group holds regular meetings throughout the year in the Society's rooms.  The program is in "Activities" in the main menu or can be accessed here.  The next discussion is on the 26 February at 1030 and about 19th century Australian exploration, early South Australian settlement, Aboriginal people, Japan in the late 1800s, Younghusband’s activities in Tibet around 1902, the Islands of the Pacific – and more.

Members wishing to attend should book early through
the following link.  A Gold coin donation from non-members.

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The Society has reprinted the popular book "Explore the Flinders Ranges" with over two hundred pages in colour and some black & white archival images. The book explains the cultural and natural histories of the region as you experience them in your travels. Fascinating geological history is easily seen and explained as are the diverse plants and animals which inhabit these largely arid hills. There is plenty of evidence in art and stories of the long history of the Aborigines; the short period of European colonisation shows in many landscapes. The Flinders is a place to pause and admire. Purchasing can done here.   The topics covered are:-

• Histories is a series of articles giving some background on features
  in the Flinders Ranges for you to read before you venture out.
• Discoveries are shorter items on a variety of topics which may
  capture your interest.
• Drives provide opportunities for a broad overview of Flinders
  landscapes where you may find places to which you want to
  return, to explore on foot either the bush or towns
• Town Walks contains maps and notes for nine large and small
  towns in the region.
• Bush Walks takes you on self-guiding trails with maps and notes
  into 16 locations in the Flinders from south to north.
• Gazetteer gives descriptions of most places you will come across
  as you travel around the region. Places are listed in alphabetical
  order. You will find it useful for extra details as you explore.
• More Things to Do and Accommodation provide useful websites
  and suggestions to help your exploration.
• Reference and Special Interest covers things to do, provides full
  lists of plants and animals you may encounter. There is additional
  information for geologists.
• Further Reading contains some of the items consulted in the
  preparation of this book.
• The Bush and Country Code (Back cover flap) gives some useful
  hints on caring for your surroundings.



Kathy's Blogspot - "Mr Silvers little book and a helping of grouse" - a story of Silver & Co's published books.  W S Silver accumulating what we now own and is know as the York Gate Library.  This and other blogs are based on 19th Century books held in the Society's collections.  
Visit the website:-

The RGSSA Library has a wide range of books, many of which have been acquired as part of the York Gate Collection.  (see Library / Book Collections) While much of the collection is about Australiana and natural history, there are many rare books on other topics.  Featured here is the book "Salt's Views India Ceylon Abyssinia. &c".  The following link will take you to some other  pictures from the book.

                           Frontispiece from the book.